How to clean your Eighth Belle sailcloth product:

- Hand wash sailcloth body with warm water and regular bar soap. Avoid bleach! Our favorite soap to use on sailcloth is Fels-Naptha stain remover soap available at most grocery stores. If your product does not have leather components you may wash it in the washing machine on gentle warm cycle. Air dry only. 

- It is okay for leather components to get wet during regular use or while washing your bag. After being exposed to repeated water or salt, condition straps with leather balm regularly to avoid having them dry out. Our favorite leather balm is Fiebling's Aussie Leather Conditioner. This product is great for maintaining the quality of all your leather products including bags, shoes and belts. 

- The sailcloth material of your bag will soften overtime, and the leather straps will soften and darken, gaining a nice patina. We think Eighth Belle bags look better with time and love to see how yours is aging! For any questions about bag care or bag repair, please email