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Fun hand painted one of a kind masks!

Two layers of 100% organic cotton fabric
Recycled cotton soft & stretchy ties (elastic for child masks)
Nose bridge wire for snug and custom fit

Washing machine & dryer safe. Pre-shrunk. Do not microwave !

Available in two sizes: Adult and child. 

Continuous ties are designed to go around your head twice and tie in the back. However, straps can be cut in half and tied on each side if you prefer ear loops.

Children's masks measure approx. 7.5" across, 4.5" tall at center and 2" tall at sides. 
Adult masks measure approx. 8.5" across, 6" tall at center and 3" tall at sides.

Hand painted, cut, sewn and shipped from our studio in Rockland, Maine 

Notes on fabric masks:

Fabric masks are great for the general public or for essential workers. Wear them to protect yourself and others when you are out in public, or to protect family members if someone in your home is sick.

Please note fabric masks are less effective than surgical masks and are not intended for medical use.

Face masks are not recommended for young children under the age of 2 or anyone who is unable to remove the mask without assistance. Children's masks are recommended for those ages 2-8 years. 

If you would like to make your own mask - you can follow instructions for our pattern on this page

Tips for mask use:

- Clean your hands and mask before use. 
- Inspect for tears or holes before putting mask on.
- Try to avoid touching the mask while wearing it! If you must touch the mask to adjust it, make sure to wash your hands afterward as soon as possible. 
- When taking off the mask avoid touching the outside of the mask which may be contaminated. 
- Place directly in a bag or washing machine after taking off and wash or sanitize your hands.
- Clean and dry thoroughly before using again. 

Items ship out 1-3 days after purchase.